Earn 10x-20x More With an Online Business

“There’s no reward without work, no victory without effort, no battle won without risk.” (Nora Roberts)

My Story

Full Disclosure: After becoming a licensed medical technologist, I went on an ecclesiastical mission for 2 years and only started working a year after I returned.

Alan Anthony Catantan

When I came home, it was extremely hard finding a full-time job that pays well. Looking back, it was more because I didn’t know what to do nor how to start. I didn’t even know there was an easier way (with less hassle) to earn money.

With help, I was fortunate enough to land on a job in a local bank with a little above-average pay. It was an easy job without any need for special skills whatsoever (though you really have to be precise when counting money and should have a sharp eye for fake bills).

But you’ll be surprised: a month after I was married (about a year after I started), I quit. I let go of such an easy job with a secured bi-monthly salary. And you know what? I never looked back and I was (super) happy with my decision.

You might ask, “did you ever regret it even once?”

Nope. It never once entered my mind. Why will I regret:

  • Earning 10x-20x more
  • Having more family time (24/7 in the house)
  • Not needing to wake up early (favorite)
  • Taking a break, watching a movie, playing a game, reading a book whenever I want
  • Not having to commute to work

Seriously, becoming a freelance content strategist is the best career decision I ever made.

Enter Work Pajama

There’s no sugar-coating the truth: starting your own online business, whether that’s freelancing, e-commerce, blogging, is “easier said than done”. Unless you pour your whole soul into it, you will have a hard time becoming successful.

I know that to be true because I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t risk quitting a secured day job to focus on my freelance business. But even then, I made plenty of mistakes — experienced that taught me lessons the hard way.

And that’s where Work Pajama comes in. There are a lot of people who want to start working at home, in their pajamas, without having to commute for two hours a day.

But how do you start? What should you do first? Are doing the right thing?

This blog is where I show you how to gain success in starting an online business as well as in other online businesses. I’ll be documenting here the steps I took (and mention those I didn’t take) so everyone can benefit from my experience.

In addition, contributors with different expertise will also drop by and share their experiences as well as how they got started.

Here’s my promise: No fluff and no “paid advice”.

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